DJ Samples: 3D Surroud Samples bundles in one big sample pack!

DJ Samples: Special sample packs for our readers.

We decided it’s time to put up a special,exclusive sample pack allowed to download for all our most precious readers who been actively visiting our sites. Normaly we post up some samples connected with a specific musical genre, today we would like you to work with our newest field of interest. 3D Samples, these might be the most innovative thing in the whole sampling mashup culture. 5.1 and 7.1 surround samples of all kinds of noises, ambient sounds that are helpful with music production but not only. These sounds are taken vast number of items used by manufaturers in the studio and recorded with specialy selected high quality equipment. Check the link below and find a completely new field of DJ samples.

Download 3D Samples Right Here Right Now!

dj samples

Surround Samples in a new field in which we are trying to create new spaces so if you want to help us upgrade our future packs please send us ideas of what sounds and noises you would like to hear samples being made.
That being said Happy New Year to everybody and be sure to check our other sample packs here!

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