Native Instruments Kontrol Z1: A Very Quick Review

Native Instruments Kontrol Z1: The Introduction

Native Instruments are already re-imagining the DJ set-up lately with their Traktor software and hardware variety. Is Kontrol Z1 the next revolution?

The Kontrol Z1 would be the similar dimension and form as their well-liked F1 and X1 Controllers, but the layout is the fact that of the traditional two-channel DJ mixer, total that has a built-in audio interface for monitoring. This is their initial controller developed for use together with the new Traktor DJ computer software on the recent Apple iPod, iPad or iPhone, allowing for any incredibly moveable set-up.

Kontrol z1

Kontrol Z1: Appearance and Features

The construction in the Kontrol Z1 is as solid as prior designs, that has a sturdy plastic case and controls. The channel-faders have the proper sum of resistance for prolonged smooth mixes and the crossfader is good and light for faster moves. Backlit buttons and (pre fader) volume meters are vivid and responsive.

Cables are integrated for connection to a pc or 30-pin Apple iOS device. Owners in the newest Apple(apple loops) units could have to budget for a Lightning to 30-pin adapter in addition to the Traktor DJ software. A electrical power provide can also be inside the box and expected for use with iOS units. This limits the portability from the process, however it fees the iOS gadget through use. A downloadable copy of Traktor LE completes the package.

The attributes offered by the Kontrol Z1 complement Traktor DJ software on an iPad quite properly. The iPad display continues to be employed for enjoying tracks and FX control, leaving the Kontrol Z1 properly suitable for EQ, mixing and monitoring. Whenever employed using a desktop pc the Kontrol Z1 combines effectively with other designs from the selection to create a modular program.

For Mobile DJs a Must Have

Utilized, the Kontrol Z1 feels similar to a normal DJ mixer. It’s no exterior audio inputs on the other hand – all sound comes in through USB. Sound top quality is great plus the primary audio and headphone outputs are nice and loud.

You will find a couple of hidden functions: when making use of the Kontrol Z1 with Traktor DJ the filter knobs could be switched to control the FX part. Likewise on the desktop version of Traktor, the cue buttons double as play/pause buttons when pressed using the function button.

Strangely, these functions do not perform precisely the same on both systems, however this may possibly only be a computer software update away. There exists also a MIDI mode to enable additional sophisticated mapping with application on a personal computer (but not for iOS devices).


Kontrol Z1 combined with an iPad or laptop makes to get a potent but extremely portable blend. Superior DJ’s may possibly need to include other units for more management, but could nonetheless utilize the Kontrol Z1 when going light. Although more controls can be wonderful, it might add on the value and size from the unit. All round, the Z1 will work incredibly properly at what it really does.

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