Numark X5 Digital Mixer Review

Numark X5, the introduction

The Numark company, manufacturer of the first a digital DJ mixer, carries on to develop digital mixing with X5. This unique two-channel, 24-bit, high-resolution mixer is made up of high-end circuitry and strong look-ahead limiters on the master, booth, and headphone outputs to deliver virtually lossless, clip-proof audio functionality. We examined the Numark X5 to its limits for this comprehensive overview.

numark x5

Setting up the mixer

The setup on the Numark X5 was very uncomplicated. I basically plugged from the energy cable, and linked my left and proper RCA cables of each deck towards the ideal channel Line/Phono inputs within the back with the mixer. I then connected the RCA master outputs to my amplifier and I was prepared to go. At this time I typically set my Crossfader and Linefader curve adjustments for the appropriate contour using the durable and rubbery knobs located to the front in the mixer for your Crossfader and within the top of the mixer for your Line Faders.

The Crossfader is set all the method to the right for the sharpest setting allowing for the quickest reduce. The Linefaders are set towards the halfway level when fade scratching and set to its sharpest settings when I desire to lower utilizing them. As I create this mixer, I promptly discovered a problem that has been not predicted. The height from the Numark X5 mixer is shorter than that of my regular decks. The height in the Numark X5 is manufactured to become specifically the height from the Numark V7 media controllers and that is really about an inch and a half reduce than all other normal decks and mixers. This isn’t seriously a deal-breaker personally, but certainly anything I have to acquire altered to.

Pointing out the amazing quality

– The Numark X5 is often a 24-bit, high-resolution mixer that is made up of high-end circuitry to guarantee the sound top quality will not be affected. The Master, Booth, and Headphone outputs have limiters to ensure the DJ has clip-proof audio effectiveness. It’s genuine that the Numark X5 has Excellent sound good quality.everything coming from this mixer just sounds crisp and as very good as the supply material would make it possible for. This mixer undoubtedly had a much better sound than other mixers about the industry at similar or greater price-points. I am more than content with all the sound top quality displayed through the Numark X5.

Most of the Features

Since the Numark X5 is getting dubbed like a two-channel scratch mixer, then one of the most crucial component with the unit will undoubtedly be the faders. The X5 consists of the exact same exact ultra-long-life CP Pro crossfader since the one particular inside the NS7 DJ Controller. The Crossfader has the rubbery contour modification knob within the front from the mixer and also the line faders have the rubbery adjustment knob on the top of the faceplate. Every in the adjustment knobs might be micro-adjusted to provide the consumer the best attainable setting for their scratching needs. Soon after the settings are just proper, the DJ can then push the fader curve adjustment buttons in to the covering on the mixer in order that the knobs are recessed from the way in which which helps make it harder to accidentally re-adjust the curve settings even though executing.

The actual faders themselves have clean plastic caps that don’t really feel harsh more than a long period of scratching-time. The faders worked FLAWLESSLY through the 30-days that I’ve been employing the unit. I even invited my brother more than to put the mixer by way of its paces and he was completely impressed. This mixer took almost everything we threw at it with stride. Whenever we test these scratch mixers, we seriously put a beating on them to consider and discover the limits; and like other substantial good quality scratch mixers, the Numark X5 screamed at us for far more. The Cuts have been very correct and exact within the sharpest setting. Fades were incredibly smooth and extended once the curve adjustment was with the gradual setting. The Crossfader and Linefaders have been identical in overall performance. Just about every scratch I could do around the crossfader, could also be pulled off on the line faders. The faders really feel like they’ve got quite minor or no resistance in them generating it easy to pull off the demanding fast-cut combinations needed in today’s turntablist natural environment. The faders truly come to feel like they’re going to last an exceptionally long time.

Several customers would really like a Pro-X-Fade or Innofader for ultimate crossfader adjustment and control, however can truthfully state that I’d be fully pleased together with the CP Professional faders that presently come bundled from the Numark X5. The cut-in time was Quite smaller even if in contrast to other Skilled Scratch mixers. The cut-in travel distance was about 1mm making it simple to accomplish superior crab and transformer scratches. No word as of however if this mixer can actually accept people other specialist crossfaders. Please get hold of your local fader supplier or manufacturer for interface facts. Each and every fader has its very own devoted silver invert switch which is illuminated immediately after it is hard pressed, so the DJ can see immediately if something is in “reverse” function. They are all situated within the middle silver panel with the mixer front for straightforward entry.

The Transformer switches about the Numark X5 also worked beautifully throughout our tenure using the mixer. The switches is often set to both phono or line, or even the TRANS function. The switches are spring-loaded for that TRANS perform which bounces the switch back to the phono place for swift and easy transformer scratches.

Switches and Knobs

– Every one of the knobs around the Numark X5 are created of a plastic-rubbery form materials that is certainly smooth to your touch and also have a nice level of resistance to ensure the DJ is finding the exact setting which is necessary. The EQ and Master Volume knobs certainly are a bit larger than the rest so the DJ will know what is staying adjusted from the touch. All of the knobs worked precisely as anticipated without swelling or placing through any adjustments.


– The Cue/Headphone area on the mixer features a channel-one to channel-two small fader which enables the DJ to watch each channels on the level necessary. Over the smaller fader is the Cue Gain knob or volume handle for the headphones. As well as this, there exists a TONE knob to ensure that the headphones bass/treble can be adjusted. Lastly, there is certainly a Cue/Master button which can be illuminated when pressed to display the DJ is in Master Monitoring mode. The DJ merely has to press the master button to hear what on earth is staying played out the Master output. In involving the faders, there is an LED strip which can be shown in Left/Right output or CH1 and CH2 result within the respective side.

AUX and Equalizer

– There is a 3-Band EQ for each channels in the mixer. There is Bass, Mid, and treble oversized knob controls correct where they should be. All of these EQ levels is often adjusted to comprehensive Kill which we all happily used even though we were searching for cool adjustments to our overused scratch sounds. Over the EQ knobs is often a regular sized achieve knob that is used to make sure that each channels are playing at the very same degree. The Microphone and AUX area of the mixer is to the top-left. These controls are shared from the Microphone input or even the Auxiliary input. There is certainly an illuminated button which the DJ can use to switch among AUX or MIC determined by which one is necessary in the time. There are separate knob controls for your BASS, Treble, and Achieve (Volume) parameters in the AUX/MIC segment which all worked equally as it should.

In and Out

– About the really front with the mixer, there are 1-inch inputs for the Headphones and Microphone. Around the back, there are 1-inch Balanced Outputs, a Digital Coax output, and optical output, Master RCA output, as well as a Booth RCA output. To the inputs around the Numark X5, there are Channel one particular and Channel two PHONO/LINE RCA inputs which may be switched to both Line or Phono based around the equipment becoming connected. There is certainly also another LINE input for just about every channel meaning every channel can have two Line inputs if essential. Also included to the back is another Auxilary input which can be used for other audio sources such as an IPOD
Conclusion / Recommended For
At the end from the day, Numark has generated 1 heck-of-a two-channel Specialist Scratch mixer. Considering their last two efforts (DXM-Pro and Pro-SMX), I was quite positive that Numark would produce yet another high-quality scratch mixer with excellent fit and finish without leaving out one of the most important features. Numark has definitely succeeded with what they’ve set out to do using the Numark X5 mixer. The faders are all excellent as well as the changes were much more than adequate for me and my scratch team. The only real gripe I have with this mixer is the height from the mixer is shorter than all other decks/media controllers. The mixer sits about an inch and a half reduce than other Decks. This mixer was designed to fit perfectly using the Numark V7’s and this is why the height of this mixer is shorter than the others.

Numark X5, Summing up

I will effortlessly advise this mixer to any turntablist or any DJ who exclusively requirements two channels for his or her mixing desires. Any DJ with a set of Numark V7’s should Certainly purchase a Numark X5 because they may be merely a great match in color, height, and just about every other aspect imaginable. Arriving in the $450 US price-point, they offer a high-quality and sturdy mixer that may last a long time and still be able to perform while in the similar arena using the other top-rated struggle mixers.

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